What you car will be capable of in the future


For many of those who own a car of 90’s, a 2016 vehicle seems so feature-packed as if it is ready to set off into space. Cameras that see everything around your car, windows that clean themselves, heated wiper blades that melt ice, sensors that learn your driving style, access to your Android or iPhone without actually holding them while driving, and the list is endless...

What you car will be capable of in the future

But what if we look five or ten years in the future? What do you think your brand new 2016 car will look like? Probably as old-fashioned as a flip phone is seen nowadays compared with iPhone 6S. Not to mention the cars of 90’s, which will come off as rotary dial phones you grandparents used to have.

What you car will be capable of in the future

Apparently, the progress doesn’t stand still. Can you imagine what your car will be capable of in the future?

Albert Lakey, a professional artist and writer for grunge.com thinks cars of the future will be able of the following:

  • Gesture Control
  • Hands-free driving
  • Laser headlights
  • Reduce congestion
  • Burn advanced fuels
  • Burn nothing at all
  • Monitor your health
  • Talk to other vehicles

For detailed description of these features go to http://www.grunge.com/9002/things-car-will-able-future/

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