Volkswagen Golf R Got More Horsepower


If you thought that the revamped VW Golf and mightier GTI were quite insipid, here is another alternative to your content – a fierce R model. The hatch shares the same exterior design features with its comrades but excels them in power and tech stuffing.

Volkswagen Golf R Got More Horsepower

Not only did the engineers raise the 2.0-litre engine’s bar from 296bhp to 306bhp, but also swapped 6-speed transmission for a 7-speed auto box. These figures bring along a shorter 0-62mph acceleration, shaving 0.3 seconds off the previous 4.9 seconds. They also allow the new Golf R to compete with such players as Audi S3 and Ford Focus RS. We still don’t know what the interior looks like; presumably, not much will be changed.

Volkswagen Golf R Got More Horsepower

In a few words, VW Golf R retained its stance yet got faster satisfying the need of its speed addicted fans. Looking forward to the full revelation!


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