Updated 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport will find your keys


Having troubles finding your keys pretty often? We say you buy Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Land Rover have gone through a great bunch of update changes for 2016 middle-sized family 4x4, involving some interior and exterior transformations such as new colors, bigger touch screen and extra active safety system. Yet probably the most convenient thing of all these updates is a new Bluetooth tracking system for belongings.

Updated 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport will find your keys

How does it work?

You can attach you keys, wallet, bag - small things like that - to the tracking device which is linked to the Discovery Sport’s touchscreen via Land Rover’s InControl smartphone app. The system is smart. It gives you directions to the last place you left your belongings at in case they are not in the car. The system is also fitted with 90-decibel alarm on the tracker. Just to make sure you don’t get lost on your way of solving 'find the key' quest.

Updated 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport will find your keys

Wanna know more about Land Rover’s Updates? James Taylor will tell you plenty at http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-news/industry-news/land-rover/updated-2016-land-rover-discovery-sport-can-help-you-find-your-keys/

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