The First Diesel to the First Bentayga


Usually, if the carmaker spawns both diesel and petrol versions, you would barely bat an eye at it. If Bentley makes diesel model for the first-ever SUV for the first time in brand’s history, you will definitely have an eye on it.

The First Diesel to the First Bentayga

This giant marked an entire new family of cars, expanding the British manufacturer’s range to fill the SUV niche. Bentayga got off to a good start, for it’s reputed to be the poshest crossover at the present time. The typical Bentley design direction seems unconventional in more squarish shape but it just adds a few points to the car’s uniqueness. Inside, you’ll find everything you’d expect of a fancy expensive vehicle – generous space, excellent leather combined with wood, and some latest convenience features.

The First Diesel to the First Bentayga

Why are you talking about standard Bentayga while the headline implies the diesel one? Well, no one will ever find out you’re driving the latter unless: 1) they notice a small V8 Diesel badge on the door; 2) they open the hood, and there sits 4.0-litre twin-turbo eight-cylinder, 435bhp of which haul the car from 0 to 60mph in 4.8 seconds and press on to a top speed of 168mph; 3) they ask you about the price and your answer is €35000 less than that of a gasoline brother (€165000, to be accurate). In all other respects, they are almost identical.

As we all know, Queen Elizabeth II became the first to go for the petrol Bentayga. Who will lead the list of the diesel Bentayga owners?


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