Yummi Suzuki Cappuccino


Suzuki Cappuccino

Usually, Cappuccino would mean light, frothy and reasonably okay. Here it means sporty and out of control.  

This is a complete re-style of the cappuccino, taking away some of the squashed qualities of the original and making it leaner and meaner. The front spoiler looks fantastic while the air intake and radiator do need a little more work; this car has the look of a toddler with a gap in their teeth. Otherwise, it is a truly stunning performance model that looks just as good parked as it does out on the track, and it seems to drive similarly well. 

Suzuki CappuccinoSuzuki CappuccinoSuzuki CappuccinoSuzuki CappuccinoSuzuki CappuccinoSuzuki Cappuccino

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