Stately Hongqi L5 for the Masses


Hongqi – meaning «red flag» – is a luxury car maker based in China that until recently specialized in production of lavish vehicles only for the heads of state and close top-ranking officials.

Stately Hongqi L5 for the Masses

These cars have been unavailable to mere mortals for years. They have been thankful even for small mercy of just ogling Hongqi limo as it was showcased at the military parades with leaders of the Communist Party of China welcoming people. Today the manufacturer expands the priorities and sets out a simplified high-volume L5 model which is meant for unprivileged class.

Stately Hongqi L5 for the Masses

The black catafalque blends tradition and modernity pretty effectively featuring Toyota Land Cruiser’s frame with retro details on the outside, and touch screen displays next to the chromed horn ring inside. Albeit the vintage slant, the engine is genuinely up-to-date one – a turbocharged 4.0-litre eight-pot mated to 8-speed auto box.

Stately Hongqi L5 for the Masses

Because Hongqi L5 is from the venerable family and can boast with the high level of luxuriance, the car costs a smidge under $600.000… Generous gift from the General Secretary for citizens, indeed.


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