Special Maybach for Mr. President


From the front to the back we - no, do not attack as the song goes but - armor the Maybach. Accompanied by the popular tune, that sounds good. As good as the appearance of the Maybach S600 Pullman Guard. It emphatically promises to keep its owner safe despite the rounds of any rifles and the explosions two meters apart. The VR9 protection, say no more.

Special Maybach for Mr. President

It outstands the original version with the super length of 6.5m and premium quality equipment with high-strength steel, thick windows, and protective inserts. Who else can cruise in this limo except for the head of the State? The interior meets the claimed status of the vehicle. There is no need to mention that all the materials are top-drawer. Anyway, look at the picture.

Special Maybach for Mr. President

The layers of armor entail the inevitable weight penalties to pay; the car is 5.1 ton heavy. The Pullman has the same 6.0-litre V12 with 530bhp but the engineers had to put an electronic speed limiter up to 100mph. They also asked not to exceed the figure, either because the engine can’t manage it or because there is no guarantee the Maybach is ever gonna stop.

What about the price? Uh, just a king’s ransom - €1,4million. On the other hand, anyone can go through fire and water in this giant. We’ll see who entrusts the Pullman with their life in the near future.

Source: mercedes-benz.com, topgear.com

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