Sad Lamborghini of Donald Trump


Do you know where you can find literally anything? Donald Trump’s Lamborghini included. On eBay. But the problem is that the Lamborghini itself still can’t come across the new owner so it tries its best not to shed a tear.

Sad Lamborghini of Donald Trump

The bespoke vehicle was owned by a possible future Mr. President of the USA or an incredibly famous (and no less eccentric) person. Do you catch a whiff of prestige? Sure, you won’t drive far on the car’s status alone. The functional performance, as the Lamborghini’s look, is fairly good. It has 24.586km mileage and is powered by 5.7-litre V12 producing 492bhp.

The special anti-scratch coating keeps it shiny for over 19 years, and the two-tone leather cabin oozes the high-class quality. On top of that, this blue Lamborghini comes with some original things like a tool kit, car repair manual or a Trump badge.

Sad Lamborghini of Donald Trump

What makes it a bit embarrassing is the cost. The asking price is $460000! Let’s hope that this venerable vehicle won’t stay on eBay for too long.


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