Rolls Royce’s HSV is Under Development


Not many of us look forward to the company’s first SUV because it’s clear as day that this vehicle is going to be of the upper-crust level. But each of us would desire to look at one if the British came up with such experiment.

Rolls Royce’s HSV is Under Development

After much-talked-of Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce’s simply had to introduce its own version of the most demanded type of the car. And what we ultimately have so far is a promising confirmation in the form of two pictures of the heavy camouflaged HSV (high-sided vehicle), as the manufacturer defined it.

Rolls Royce’s HSV is Under Development

The published shots lead us to three following points:

  1. a) The thing is massive. These wheels are 21 inches in diameter and they still look modest comparing to the body.
  2. b) No less than 12 cylinders are required to make the HSV drive effortlessly.
  3. c) The possible date of disclosure is 2018, and we hope 2017 will be one fast year for us not to burn with curiosity.


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