Rolls-Royce's First Unmanned Vehicle


Rolls-Royce has unveiled its first unmanned vehicle concept called Vision Next 100 at a special event in London. The prototype was created in honor of the centennial of the BMW Group and is intended to demonstrate the development of the model range of the brand in the future.

Citroen CX

As envisioned by the engineers, Vision Next 100 is a fully autonomous car. The technical characteristics of the concept are not disclosed. However, in the future the company plans to take an axe to the current 12-cylinder engine. The press service of the Rolls-Royce said that in the years ahead the chassis of each vehicle will be collected manually from the «ultramodern materials» and equipped with a powertrain with zero emissions.

Citroen CX

The car has received the exterior design of the classic Rolls-Royce. Boundary dimensions of the prototype match with Phantom Extended Wheelbase, that are as follows: 5,9 m long and 1.6 m wide. The vehicle’s interior is decorated with handmade panels made of ebony. The prototype is not equipped with the steering wheel and the cockpit. All the necessary information about the trips and meetings is shown on the wide OLED-display.

Citroen CX

The whole space under the hood has turned into a luggage compartment. The car’s body is made of lightweight materials. The concept is equipped with 28-inch wheels, each of which is hand-built from 65 aluminum parts.


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