Premising Mercedes X-Class…


Looks like Mercedes entered the segment of pickup trucks and owned it right from the start. That is the conclusion predicted from the admiring reaction of the car enthusiasts after revealing the new X-Class. However the company decently reminds us that it’s not their first time to launch something of this type.

Premising Mercedes X-Class…

Actually, they’ve had in history a really special thing! This cute orange Mercedes 220D – or La pick-up – could have been a serious rival to some current players on the trucks market. It looks fantastic, regardless of being exploited for 44 years; the W115 chassis, mounted in the car’s construction, add a tad of mischief and the color… Well, you could fall in love just with the color itself.

Premising Mercedes X-Class…

Practicality and reliability can’t give rise to doubt because Mercedes the master had its hand in the W220 development. Therefore, it can serve at least 100 years more.

Premising Mercedes X-Class…

It was a big surprise, though, to discover that this La pick-up was used as a railway equipment hauler. It doesn’t accord with its playful appearance, does it?


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