Powerful Ford Raptor on Six Wheels


Be careful, my friend, don’t be blinded by the bright headlights of this monstrous machine. Every single element of the VelociRaptor 6x6 warns you to steer clear of its numerous wheels, and even the name itself gives the creeps, doesn’t it?

Powerful Ford Raptor on Six Wheels

The vehicle is of the «love it or hate it» variety; it can’t help riveting your attention. This leviathan is not a new thing from Ford but a project of the Hennessy tuning house. You can still form the queue of the willing buyers for around €260,000.

Powerful Ford Raptor on Six Wheels

So, what the guys have worked on? They added a couple of 20-inch wheels, provided the VelociRaptor with a rollbar for greater safety, dressed it in heavier bumpers, hung the upper lights to make it visible from afar and beefed up the suspension. If you fork out €20,000 more, you’ll be granted up to 600bhp under the hood. The deeper you delve into your wallet, the more frills you get – unique interior, Brembo brakes, bigger wheels and the like.

No doubt, the VelociRaptor can get through any weather conditions and go on any roads (off the latter as well). You should definitely think it over.

Source: roadandtrack.com

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