Parking your car with iPhone. Fact or Fiction?


Remember Pierce Brosnan driving his BMW by cellphone in Tomorrow Never Dies? Well, 17 years later the reality is kicking in!

Parking your car with iPhone. Fact or Fiction?

You all faced this stress of parking. Let’s not lie to ourselves, the experience is not the most enjoyable one. The fear of scratching your panels or denting your doors by some careless drivers is always there. Now, imagine your mobile device parking a car for you with brilliant accuracy. Isn’t that something you were always craving for?

Parking your car with iPhone. Fact or Fiction?

This, as it might seem, distant future is almost the reality! A clever tech is being developed by Bosch and Valeo to gratify us the unnerving experience of parking.

How does it work?

Fully automated parking uses data from parking sensors to confirm the road is clear. Next step is the computer calculating the best route into a parking space. The wheels of the car are twirled with strict accuracy – thanks to electric power steering.

Parking your car with iPhone. Fact or Fiction?

What is your role in all this? You simply step out of the car, tap your mobile device and enjoy watching the precise parking manoeuvers fulfilled by your automobile controlling throttle and steering all by itself.

Your life will never be the same again…And there will be no more excuses for not parking straight!

Tim Pollard, a digital editor-in-chief and motoring news magnet, has an extended opinion on the question of self-parking. Follow the link to know more

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