Nissan 350Z

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Nissan 350Z marked the fifth anniversary edition of the Z cars series. It entered the market in 2003 and left production six years later, being replaced with the next gen 370Z, but was in popular demand for this short period of time. Without further ado, let’s find out why it’s attracted customers, together with the Fifth Gear.

There is no doubting, the Japanese thoroughly redesigned the vehicle’s look. The combination of the curved lines and sporty elements make it both aggressive and intelligent. In fact, the shape makes up the formula of the 350Z success that is also supplemented with 3.5-litre and 287bhp V6, rear-wheel drive and 6-speed gearbox. The author’s comparison of «getting Porsche 911 performance for half the price» proves that it’s really worked.

However, the engineers were not much into interior. The plastic appears to be a little unreliable and inappropriate to the brilliant exterior of the car. Then the space leaves a lot to be desired: the rear seems quite big from the outside but open the trunk and you’d see that it’s separated by the beam of the rear suspension.

Nevertheless, you could forgive Nisan 350Z almost anything for the way it handles. And don’t forget about the pleasure it delivers both to your eyes and, of course, to your wallet.

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