Mobileye and Intel develop unmanned driving technology for BMW


American сorporation Intel alongside with Mobileye - the developer of video systems assisting drivers - will be engaged in the development of the unmanned driving technology for the German automaker BMW. It is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the source.

The leaders of each company will meet July, 1st to discuss the details for making of the unmanned vehicle, the source said.

In May, BMW announced they will show a new model of its electric car iNext in the year of 2021. The car is planned to be autonomic in many ways. This model will be a response to the electric cars produced by Tesla Motors.

The CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, has recently shared his predictions, saying that within three years, the vehicles will no longer need the drivers. "I see the issue of fully autonomous cars as basically a solved one" - said Musk.

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