Mitsubishi confirmed cheating on economy tests for quarter-century


Turns out Mitsubishi has quite an experience in cheating on fuel economy tests. It all started since 1991. Now the information has finally been confirmed. Such news might considerably hurt company’s reputation all the way to its total elimination.

'I'm taking this as a case that could affect our company's existence,' admitted president Tetsuro Aikawa.'

The CEO however have demolished the fact that the company is preparing to back down. Mitsubishi has assigned the independent investigators to do a thorough-going evaluation of the issue as if their cheating was not clear enough to everyone and their dog!

How they cheated

On 20 April 2016 Mitsubishi uncovered evidence on the fact of falsification of the impartial emissions and fuel consumption tests conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) involving 600,000 cars.

The affected models were Japanese domestic market K-cars and eK Space, and 468,000 Nissan Dayz and Roox tallboy city cars.

Mitsubishi confirmed cheating

To falsify the results they had over-inflated the tyres thuswise changing their driving characteristics and flatter their mileage rates, Mitsubishi admitted.

Tim Pollard, digital editor-in-chief and motoring news magnet, gets to the bottom of this question in his article

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