Mini Clubman

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Is it appropriate to call Mini Clubman estate still a Mini? Because, you see, it’s gone all maxi!

The grown-up size together with elongated wheelbase create a lot more spacious cabin. There is a room for three at the back, in a slightly squeezed position though, so it’s better keep it for two. It also offers a wide array of in-car storages to place all odds and ends while the bigger stuff (even the bulky things) perfectly fits into capacious boot.

As for aesthetic, interior design is invoked with very distinctive attitude. Every element - from the amusing chimes through the top-end Chesterfields seats and to the cubbies’ special fabric - is unique. Exterior-wise, the Clubman continues to look adorable in its playful suit in the spirit of good old Mini.

The front tires and a 134 horsepower 1.5-litre turbocharged V3 easily move the car along the motorway and propel it to 62mph for 8.5 seconds. Testing the claimed «go-kart handling», the author confirms that this fellow is pretty maneuverable and quiet, albeit with slight jumps over the potholes.

Mini Clubman does have some flaws, for example, inconvenient barn doors that create a constant blind spot at the rear, or – the biggest one – the price that with all appealing options creeps above $40,000. Yet this outwardly toy car is so charming, even in the chunkier dimensions, that it’s hard to look carefully at the cheque when one of the Mini ilk is standing right in front of you.

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