Mercedes has released an electric truck


Mercedes-Benz has unveiled an all-electric truck prototype called Urban eTruck. The towing car production version's sales can start within five years. According to reports of the press service of the German brand, the car is able to carry up to 26 tons of cargo. The fuel distance is about 200 kilometers. The structure of the Urban eTruck's power plant includes two electric engines and a modular lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 212 kilowatt-hours.

In the future, Urban eTruck may become a major competitor of the first electric Tesla truck. The car is already under development. The first showing of the new model will be held next year. As for Tesla Motors, they are also planning on creating their own self-sufficient freight service.

Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled a concept called Future Truck 2025 in September 2014. The interior of the car included the driver's seat that rotated by 45 degrees to adopt a more comfortable working position when using a removable tablet. The heavy transporter is equipped with radar sensors, a variety of special cameras and satellite navigation. The truck is as well equipped with the stand-alone drive mode called Highway Pilot. Similar technology is used in aviation. The model will go into production only in 2025.


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