Maserati Levante First Crossover claims to battle Cayenne Turbo


Isn’t that a bold statement? One might think it is, since Maserati has never before gratified its devotees with anything but sedans, great ones, though - true. However, hitching a wagon to something so fast and adept as Cayenne Turbo, one should have an ace in the hole! Which Maserati does, as it turns out. The first fly is bound to be a flop is apparently not the right saying about this auto group.

Maserati Levante First Crossover claims to battle Cayenne Turbo

Their plan is pretty simple, yet brilliant. Maserati Levante could get a V8. Period. The news are even greater - they already have its prototype!

The main alarming question was if this engine would fit in the Levante when Maserati’s engineer answered it would, dispelling any doubts.

Maserati Levante First Crossover claims to battle Cayenne Turbo

The 1st launch of Levante however will be accompanied with 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. It may turn out after all that twin-turbo V6 Levante won’t need an update for V8. We’ll find it out soon.

Want to know more details? David Gluckman, the Autoblog's Editorial Program Manager will tell you more about that in his article. Follow the link

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