Magnificent S-Class Tacks On a Gloomy Touch


We’d like to say that Mercedes is rolling out a kind of Christmas gift for its die-hard fans, but the thing doesn’t look rosy enough to call it like that. Welcome a grander Night Edition of the already sumptuous S-Class Coupe.

Magnificent S-Class Tacks On a Gloomy Touch

Performed in the «night» course, the car is replete with dark shades and accents. First is the color of the body: it goes under the name of Selenite Grey Magno and looks as alluring as it sounds. Then it’s the blacked-out wheels, grill and outside mirrors. The stylish Night Edition badging, engraved on the wings and the steering wheel, causes the people around (including the driver himself) to be reminded that it is not a usual S-Class Coupe anymore. Much like the outside, the posh interior has its share of dim colors, with the miscellaneous dark tinges of leather upholstery and poplar wood trim.

Magnificent S-Class Tacks On a Gloomy Touch

The Night Edition will be available for the S400 and S550 models. The color minimalism lovers have to wait until January 9, 2017, to satisfy their aesthetic feelings.


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