Little Piece of Retro in Caterham 7


Who would refuse to feel the spirit of the 60s, to try to channel Audrey Hepburn from «How to Steal a Million» or Marcello Mastroianni’s character in «La Dolce Vita»? To recreate that mood you need to obtain several essential attributes of this chic lifestyle – the hat, the scarf, the cigarette and the good old-fashioned vehicle. Although, the last one doesn’t have to be right out of the past. The modern Sprint edition of Caterham 7 would fit perfectly.

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the original Lotus the company brings to the market a roadster designed in the mid-1960s but never launched.

Little Piece of Retro in Caterham 7

Some tech specs are provided: the car is powered by the 660cc three-cylinder Suzuki engine that is enough to break the 0-60 barrier in 6.91 seconds and reach the top speed of 100mph.

Well, let’s switch over to the Sprint’s appearance. The first thing you should consider is that every element is literally brimming with the retro style. Just look at these powder-coated grey chassis with cream color wheels and polished hubcaps. Then move your eyes slowly along the arch of front wings to the rear part. Make sure that even the smallest details add up to a whole picture; these vintage Caterham branding and Sprint logo, special head, and rear lights make the car extremely authentic.

Little Piece of Retro in Caterham 7

Observe the scarlet leather interior along with the posh carpeting of the cabin. And now you see this wooden-rimmed steering wheel and the classic oOOo instrument layout…

Little Piece of Retro in Caterham 7

Don’t fall into a reverie for too long! Guess how many Sprints are there for sale? That’s right, just 60. Besides, the price is higher than usual, around €33000. So if the charm of the 60s engrosses you then it’s the high time to act.


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