Limited Edition of 1000 Horsepower


The production of one more horsepower monster is interesting news to hear. It’s even more intriguing if the manufacturer has already left its mark on the auto racing world. And it’s just buzzworthy when the car claims to beat the Ferrari LaFerrari itself. In a nutshell, meet the new Saleen S7.

Limited Edition of 1000 Horsepower

Yes, it’s that same Saleen once been the star of lots of tracks from 1996 up to 2002. Dull years after, it rises from the ashes: a modified Saleen S7 LM marks the 20th anniversary of the historic motorsport victories (or the beginning of the new ones, time will tell).

Limited Edition of 1000 Horsepower

Having heard such a thing, you’re probably craving to check out the published teaser, anticipating to see the all-new (over a decade has past!) supercar. And at this moment a slight disappointment catches you. Isn’t it the Saleen from the 2000s? Although, you notice that the rims differ, and the color has changed, and, quite possibly, the interior is updated. Poring over the vehicle’s tech spec, you learn that the 7.0-litre twin-turbo V8 is intended to give 1000bhp. Given that the previous version S7 Twin Turbo with 760bhp sprints like a champ from 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds, you’re doing some math and move into the «being impressed» stage.

Even the outdated design may be forgiven for this figure. But only 7 lucky ones with chunky wallets will check up on the functional performance of the S7 LM. The price tag is hefty – around $1 million.


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