Kia Spectra

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What an old vehicle we have here! That is a 2003 Kia Spectra, or also called Kia Sephia, and it’s not so much ageing thing as an outdated one. In 2003 you could buy it for $12,235, whereas today you’d get this if only your grandmother made a present of it.

To pay tribute of respect to the Spectra, we have to list all goodies that it has. Equipped with 1.8-liter V4 16-valve double cam engine allied to 4-speed auto, the car gives you 126bhp and a maximum speed of 112mph. It also offers port fuel injection and rollover protection. As for the inside, you may get dual airbags, air conditioning and…carpets (these are the option).

Kia Spectra entered the market as a cheap car but reliable one. It becomes older, loses the power but still lives and goes; even the dents and scrapes are not so evident. Yet today nobody is going to give it a chance because it is positioned as a forgettable vehicle from the very beginning.

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