Hayden Paddon WRC Portugal crash


The Rally in Portugal ended up destroying Hayden Paddon’s Hyundai. His i20 WRC was caught on fire just seconds after he rolled down a hillside resulting in burning to the ground within 5 minutes as the flame flipped to the dry trees surrounding the car. He comments that the price was too high to pay for this seemingly small accident.

While Paddon was describing the accident he said it all happened from the hole in the road.

"It's frustrating because it doesn't feel like a driving mistake," he said.

"I was caught out by an obstacle on the road, one I wasn't expecting, and the consequences are much, much too harsh.»

“I’m sorry for the team and vow to come back stronger in Sardinia, a rally where we scored a podium last year.”

Source: autosport.com

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