Ghostbusters Dodge Magnum


This Car Ain’t Afraid Of no Ghost!

An extremely interesting item has appeared on eBay not so long ago. Follow the hint – what car would you see once you hear the lively motive of the «Who ya gonna call» catchphrase? Yes, theoretically, the Ecto-1 is to crop up from around the corner but this time it will be 2008 Dodge Magnum at its finest.

Ghostbusters Dodge Magnum

Modified to look like an original 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor, it has all the things: a warning painting, highly recognizable Ghostbusters logo, a massive push bar and an impressive gadget mounted on top – the proton cannon (false one, unfortunately). This Dodge can even boast of its involvement in paranormal business: it delivered the franchise enthusiasts to the «haunted» places some years ago.

Ghostbusters Dodge Magnum

By the way, the price is from the real world – around $9,000. Well, who’s gonna be the next one of the Ghostbusters group?


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