Exceptional Service From Bentley


Bentley seems to adhere to the «having a posh car, getting luxe services» philosophy. Speculating on the issue of the time of its clients, the company offered an interesting conception. A waste of the precious minutes hides in the process of getting to the gas station, waiting in queue…so what about the fuel being delivered right to your vehicle?

Exceptional Service From Bentley

In collaboration with the Filld start-up, Bentley sets up a test version of the Filld for Bentley app in California. In a nutshell, if your car needs a drink, you open the app and go for a suitable time. Your job is done, now is the service’s turn – it indicates your location, set the best price from the three closest stations and get the fuel in exchange for some cash (delivery included). No word yet as to the time that it takes to make all the way through but we are sure, they’ll tweak it.

The idea from the nearest future: the car feels that it’s running out of the dino juice and sends a request itself, no man involved. Well, as one of the most luxury automakers, Bentley has all the rights to make the life of its customers a bit easier. Let’s see the feedback!

Source: autocar.co.uk

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