Dodge Viper

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You want to know a little more about the iconic Dodge Viper? Check out its peculiarities that are quite rare to see in a sports car.

Starting from the back, the first is the Viper’s emblem that actually appears to be an extra brake light. Then there are 17-inch wheels with tires of 335 size, and be aware, they are already out of production.

In the front you’ll be impressed with the windshields operating one at a time, and with the hood being opened only from the outside, not the inside of the car. Moreover, if the battery for the doors has died, you can get into the Viper in a single way – through the trunk. Concerning the doors, did you use to close them accurately? Well, not here. You need to literally smash it, the hood and the rear included. Inside, there is another couple of features - an extremely prominent parking brake and seatbelts that comes from the center.

As for driving, it is characterized by the inconvenience of the long hood that hides 8-litre V10 with 450bhp, the low sound isolation and the feeling of every bump and crack on the road. The Viper is not about getting drowsy in; if you’re going 80mph, you definitely know that. All in all, the author claims that it’s a fun and new experience.

And the most important point: Dodge Viper is up for grabs until the end of 2017. You can still make it!

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