Dodge Challenger

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This is a Dodge Challenger Hellcat ant it’s going to leave you speechless both when it shows all 707 horses and when you’d get to know the price. What are your thoughts on $65,000 for the collection of huge power and everything that it comes with? It’s just a bargain!

A fearsome black beast is sneaking down the road and in a moment it’s already zipping along at incredible speed. Evidently, this is the most thrilling thing about the Challenger Hellcat that attracts you yet simultaneously frightens off. You remember this moment when a roller coaster launches you from a stop? That’s how it feels putting the pedal to the metal in the Hellcat.

The roaring 6.2-litre Hemi V8 with a massive supercharger is able to reach a top speed of 202mph and it does its best defying you. Think over a little remark: the car has 2 keys, red and black, the first empowers you to restrain 707bhp while the latter limits you to only 500bhp. So if you’d like to have a relaxed trip in plush leather seats, go for the black key (as though it’d save you from being tempted).

Dodge Challenger Hellcat is not something you abuse or mess with, it should be respected. Mark the author’s words and one more point: for that price it’d be sold out sooner than you think.

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