Dartz’ Black Alligator is On The Loose


Watch out! This thing is armed with gawkers deterrent sirens and drone detection/destruction system. But is it possible not to stare at the vehicles that have a quirky Dartz company’s badge on their hood? In our humble opinion, they are created exactly to attract a myriad of eyes and so is the Black Alligator.

Dartz’ Black Alligator is On The Loose

The next killing product of the Prombron lineup has showed its front together with the steering wheel. Both are devoid of any simplicity whatsoever. The body of original Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 will be covered in Kevlar and carbon, or more armored Kevlar-coated titanium. The steering wheel will feature the Mississippi alligator’s hide, gold and diamonds. The interior is expected to be performed in the same trim with probable variations like stingray or python’s skin.

Dartz’ Black Alligator is On The Loose

This bulletproof opulence will be motivated by a no less extravagant 1600bhp 5.5-litre V8.

That’s all, for now. Aren’t you a bit afraid to learn the other details, just like us?

Source: topgear.com

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