CXperience – Citroen’s New Design Philosophy


In the run-up to the Paris Motor Show that takes place October 1-16, we should expect a sequence of the most awesome concept-, show- and super-cars to be unveiled a few weeks beforehand. Now the time came for the French Citroen to spill the beans: a month earlier it shows a new concept-car – Citroen CXperience that is a business class five-door hatchback.

CXperience – Citroen’s New Design Philosophy

Aren’t these the features of some sport car? Given that the height is just 1370mm, 22-inch wheels look truly large. The combination of aggressive lines and smooth surface makes CXperience restrained yet ready to sprint at once. The cameras replacing rear-view mirrors will amaze you even more, though it isn’t a new idea however still not quite realized.

CXperience – Citroen’s New Design Philosophy

Swing open the rear-hinged doors and behold the world of high-technologies and design. Leather-trimmed interior decorated with wooden panels comes with unusual seats made of «smart» adaptable material as well as 19-inch screen, in place of the dashboard, and multifunctional steering wheel.

CXperience – Citroen’s New Design Philosophy

It goes without saying, CXperience has hybrid petrol and electric engine, the total power of which adds up to 250-300bhp.

What’s your opinion on this possible prototype of the new Citroen model? Would that fit into the market?


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