Bugatti Chiron is ready to set new speed record


The current holder of the world speed record is Veyron 16.4 Super Sport with the result of 268mph (431km/h) set in 2010 by Pierre-Henri Raphanel, former F1 driver.

The brand new Chiron recently unveiled its dynamic capabilities at the Goodwood Festival of Speed showning better results compared to its predecessor. The Chiron has more horsepowers, 1479bhp vs 1183bhp of Veyron Super Sport’s, stating 261mph top speed.

Bugatti Chiron is ready to set new speed record

“We will try to lock in a new world speed record. I know the Chiron will be faster [than the Veyron Super Sport], but we don’t how fast. We have the calculations from our simulations, but it is always different to sit in the car and actually do it.”, Dürheimer shared with Autocar.

Both Bugattis are equipped with 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16 engines, yet Dürheimer claimed that Chiron’s powerplant “about 95%” stands out from the Veyron’s. “We designed the original engine 13 years ago with 987bhp, then we brought it up to 1183bhp and now it is 1479bhp,” he said. “You cannot just shake out this additional 492bhp from the same components, so it was a dedicated design process.”

Bugatti Chiron is ready to set new speed record

Bugatti is planning their new record attempt in 2018 at the 13-mile Ehra-Lessien facility.


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