BMW M3 special edition for 30th anniversary


While celebrating its 30th anniversary, BMW is introducing a new M3 model. “30 Years M3” - that's how they call it. The car is planned to hit the sales this summer in a limited edition. New BMW will be presented in Macao Blue metallic paint - the only option available - as it was done for the first generation M3.

What's new in design?

  • sport seats in two-tone Merino leather
  • seatbelts with BMW M stripes tapped out on them
  • special sill plates
  • individually numbered carbon fiber trim strip

The car goes on sale with the Competition Package, which includes 3.0-liter BMW M TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder engine for extra power, totalling 450 horsepower altogerther. The car picks-up 60 miles per hour speed (100 km/h) in just as much as 4.0 seconds, isn't that cool?

Manufacturing will be limited up to 500 models. It will also be available in premium version stuffed with Competition Package which will cost you additional €10,000.


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