Beware of the flooded roads!


The road in Texas were floated due to the flash floods last Saturday which has caused an unexpected danger to the drivers. But some drivers just seek the unjustified risk.

Like this GMC truck's driver who drove through the waters just moments before the road has collapsed. Shortly after, a big lump of the road fell off. What followed later on the day was the total breakdown of the road that could have put drivers at the risk of severe injuries of even death if they had followed the GMC truck driver’s example.

For this very reason, the National Weather Service posted the video on their Facebook page, showing how dangerous it might be to drive on flooded roads.

"It is VERY important not to drive over flooded roadways!" the NWS warns. "Turn around, don't drown!"

And it would surely be better to follow this recommendation since the flash floods are unpredictable and highly dangerous. Don’t put your life at risk. Stay on the safe side of the road.


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