Bentley Mulsanne

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This car is 16 feet long, weighs 3 tons, and has 700 foot-pounds of torque. Can you guess the technical characteristics of which car we are talking about? Of course, it is Bentley Mulsanne, a combination of extraordinary luxury and power.

You’ll never find a car with so many technologies in it. In the backseat of this car you can discover many integrated things like the optional iPad with the wireless keyboard and it’s got its own connection. Moreover, the backseats offer their own climate system, reclining massage seats and you can get a cooler back there. In fact, there’s more to come!

Speaking of, the car’s engine is 6.75 liter twin-turbo v8. It produces 505 horsepower and 752 foot-pounds of torque. Even if it weighs near 6000 pounds, it still gets to 60 mph in a sprightly 5.1 seconds.

Wow, and look at its exterior! Gorgeous lines and aluminium color make Bentley Mulsanne look powerful.

Well, Bentley Mulsanne is all about quality and alluring design across its cabin. Make sure, this car is something you’ll really want to drive and be driven in.

Bentley Mulsanne video review

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