Attention Needed. The Batpod for Sale!


Buy this vehicle and you’ll be like a superhero. That is a sterling opportunity. Don’t miss your chance. The Entertainment Memorabilia auction in London has announced one of the six Batpods featured in “The Dark Knight“ to go under the hammer later this month.

Attention Needed. The Batpod for Sale!

An inexperienced person will, probably, think that it looks rather…unconventional. But who doubts its coolness when they find out this is the Batpod right from the movie? You can even notice light scratches and minor damage happened during the production. So authentic and gulp-inducing.

Attention Needed. The Batpod for Sale!

You will have to lie onto your stomach to control this thing and put your legs on the sides of the vehicle’s body. It goes with the engine taken from Honda 750, carbon panels, super awesome plastic cannon barrels, lasers, and enormously large wheels. Albeit the fancy, it’s not possible to steer because the engine oil have been used up and there’s no battery or a fuel tank.

Either way, if you want to ride, pardon, roll this Batpod around the town you’ll have to spend about $80000-$107000. So be at the ready on September 27.


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