American Classic Cars in a New Way


Here is the news from the SEMA show that will make your jaw drop. Ringbrothers - the incredible custom car makers - jumped the gun and revealed several nice drawings of their work for one of the key automotive aftermarkets.

For the uninitiated: Ringbrothers create the masterpieces, laboriously melding the past and the future. Whether you want an old car to cast off the shackles of the past years or the new one to look rather vintage, no one will make it better than them. Get the evidence by checking out the glitzy cars they’ve prepared for the event.

American Classic Cars in a New Way

Ladies first. A difficult and time-consuming process of morphing two new 2016 Cadillac ATS-Vs into the 1948 Cadillac resulted in this retrotastic «Madam V». It seems like «she» outdoes all previous modifications of the good Caddy.

American Classic Cars in a New Way

How can the American classic go without Chevrolet Camaro? The details are fairly scant but the Ringbrothers have promised the G-Code representing the 1969 Camaro would be powered by the new GM LS3 V8 engine.

American Classic Cars in a New Way

Obviously, they can’t exclude the one that always catches the eye – Ford Mustang dubbed Ballistic. This transformed 1965 convertible is speeded up by 5.8-litre engine, borrowed from Ford GT500.

American Classic Cars in a New Way

Besides, Ringbrothers are expected to play a trump card and launch an authentic American motor home – 1972 Winnebago Brave. Passed through their hands, the vehicle obtained more than 900bhp under the hood and the retro design inside the cabin.

In case you are into the old-fashioned yet unbreakable cars go and register for the SEMA show. But, remember, all items are one-off only.


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