Allow Yourself a Pink Rolling Kingdom


Want your life to brim with completely new experience? We prompt you one of the ways: an exciting ride in pink plush elongated coffin with minibar onboard. Joking aside, it is precise description of this over-the-top character.

Allow Yourself a Pink Rolling Kingdom

The Panthermobile made a debut at the LA Motorshow and you can imagine the crowd swirling around it.

Allow Yourself a Pink Rolling Kingdom

There is a lot to ogle – starting from monstrously long body along with supremely garish colouring and ending with incredibly weird configuration where the driver cabin seats ahead of the wheels. You’d better not look inside because these fluffy satin pillows enticingly tempt you to take a nap, burying in the thick carpet, after enjoying a proper gulp from the sparkling bottles.

Allow Yourself a Pink Rolling Kingdom

The embodied Barbie house is built on a 1960s Oldsmobile Toronado chassis and features a really working V8 paired to 3-speed auto box. At least this is something from our world.


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