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Shelby Cobra video review

Do you want a legendary vehicle? Then you should go for the Shelby Cobra, or AC Cobra – one of the iconic and by far most frequently copied cars in the world. Typically, you are likely to meet the replica but don’t be embarrassed. Appearance, driving experience and tech specs are carried over unchanged from the classic Cobra.

Make sure that everything is on its place: a wide mouth is on the front of the car, squarish vents that hide the ceramic-coated sidepipes are on the flanks. The prominent fenders as the feature of 60s’ racing car are present, too. Look at the specific trunk; it’s pretty deep in spite of its narrow shape. The inclined windshield and the roll bar complete the exact picture of the original Shelby.

Make yourself comfortable in a roadster-style driving position and turn on the ignition. You’ll hear the thrilling soundtrack of 450bhp engine allied to a 5-speed manual, with no squeals and rattles. The trip in such a car is pleasing; the structure is so solid that it absorbs even the big bumps.

Obviously, it’s hard to say whether the original Shelby Cobra is better than its copy. But what we know for sure is that the replica is much more affordable, whereas the price tag of the true AC Cobra reaches $1,000,000.

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