2017 Range Rover Sport SVR: New Feel for a New Era


The British auto giant’s next rendition of the Range Rover Sport looks set to pack more oomph into that familiar body we’ve grown to adore. Rolling out in 2017, the new Sport SVR (Special Vehicle Racing) model has a 567bhp (up from 543bhp in the 2015 version) coming out of a 5.0L V8 engine.

2017 Range Rover Sport SVR grey

There appear to be some subtle alterations elsewhere: the facelift and bumper modifications will certainly come with some new interior scheme, and supposedly the JLR’s media system.

2017 Range Rover Sport SVR passenger compartmen

Despite the enhancements, performance should be similar to the current model, with the 0-62mph taking just 4.7 seconds, which we still think to be remarkable, considering the Range Rover Sport SVR weighs over two tons.

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