2016 Mustang with 727-Horsepower under $40K.


The starting price for Mustang GT is $32,995. Of course you will get it in a basic configuration but you could go for Roush’s Phase 2 Supercharger, which will add up $7,549.99 to its cost and get you 727 horsepower. Nothing more than that, though. So if you're willing to add some hot individual details to you car, the dealer will gladly provide you with this opportunity, which is by the way a pretty good deal.

2016 Mustang with 727-Horsepower under $40K.

According to of Lebanon, Ohio’s website:

Lebanon Ford Performance (LFP) has found a way to build a 727 horsepower – 2016 Mustang GT for: $39,995. This is not a misprint and you are not buying a pre-owned vehicle. This is a brand new, 2016 GT with a ROUSH Phase 2 Supercharger. When we are finished, you are a set of tires, a few suspension tweaks and a good driver away from a 10.95 quarter mile. The best part, we can do it all with $0 down, pending credit approval. Your car will be built and ready to roll within a week and can be shipped to your drive way, any where in the United States.

2016 Mustang with 727-Horsepower under $40K.

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